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Sidechain Network

Finenex Sidechain Network sIt isn't easy to apply all blockchain projects to the public blockchain network.In addition, it is necessary to build a private blockchain network for various reasons, such as the relationship between project stakeholders, government regulations, protection of personal information, and convenience of use. However, decentralization, personal anonymity, and autonomy are essential in blockchain projects. To solve these problems, Finenex intends to quickly build and operate a private blockchain network and provide a sidechain network platform

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That is free to connect with the public blockchain.

- Sidechain Network construction based on Hyperledger Besu - Proivde JSON RPC API for external systems

- QBFT(Quorum Byzantine Fault Tolerance) consensus protocol PoA(Proof of Authority)

- Proivde JSON RPC API for external systems

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