Discover the Future of Finance with FINENEX

FINENEX: Bridging the Gap between Traditional Finance and Blockchain Technology!

Core Values of



FINENEX develops differentiated financial services by combining blockchain and traditional financial technology and pursues continuous innovation.



We provide user-friendly UX/UI and develop financial solutions that even users without blockchain knowledge can easily use.

Trust and Transparency


FINENEX builds identity authentication and trust through Decentralized Identity (DID) and constructs a transparent economic system using Utility tokens and NFTs.

Scalability and Interconnectivity


FINENEX connects Public blockchain networks and Sidechain networks, and provides APIs that can easily integrate with various financial services, enhancing market scalability and interconnectivity.

Rapid Service Provision


Starting with payment, remittance, loyalty, and mileage services that are most accessible to the general public, we build a platform capable of quickly providing various financial services and continuously expand and improve services based on this foundation.

Objectives of



Connecting traditional financial networks with blockchain networks to expand the global financial ecosystem and increase efficiency.


Facilitating the development of various financial products and services by providing a platform that enables financial experts to easily develop new financial products and services integrated with blockchain network DApps.


Providing user-friendly wallet solutions and services to lower the barriers to blockchain technology adoption and create an environment easily accessible to the general public.


Protecting personal information and enhancing the reliability of financial transactions through Decentralized Identity (DID) technology.


Utilizing Utility tokens and NFT technology to build a transparent and stable economic system and provide incentives for user participation and activity.


Going beyond existing financial services, building an integrated financial platform connected to various industries, providing more convenience and value to users' financial lives.


Global Expansion


South Korea